Human vs Inhuman Nature

(disclosure) I’m a WASA – a White, Anglo-Saxon, Atheist, as opposed to a WASP – a White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant!

‘So what!’ I hear you say (or not). ‘What point are you trying to make?’

My point is this; as I grew up I was imbued with a sense of superiority over everything and everyone else on the planet. After all, hadn’t we spread civilising, Christian values across the globe? Our empire, although rapidly dissolving, was benign and one upon which ‘the sun never set’. I mean, how great is (or was) that!

The fact that the country was bankrupted by war and the fact that the bloody Americans refused to forgive, let alone re-schedule, our debts from ‘Lease-lend’ whilst pumping money hand over fist into Germany, through the ‘Marshall Plan’ made not a jot of difference to my, or many others’ delusions. It was we after all, the British, and in particular the English who had stood alone against the darkest evil the world had ever known – and triumphed! Hurrah! God save the king/queen (who are actually German Saxe-Coburg Gothas (do look up the family tree))! Rule Britannia! Flags and bunting, speeches and cucumber sandwiches! We are a ‘Light unto nations’, the ‘New Jerusalem’! ‘The Shining City on the Hill’ (of which, more later – or not).

Suffice to say that after early indoctrination and time spent serving ‘Queen and Country’ I grew up and started to educate myself about the history and politics of ‘my’ country – this country that had ‘God on it’s side’.

It has been and continues to be a revelation. A revelation that, for me, led to a total re-evaluation of what is real and what is fake, propaganda and downright lies! And to where I stand in relation to all of the rest of humanity, this planet and all that is part of it.

In short, Anglo-Saxons are the single most malign influence on the face of the earth and you may well ask ‘why?’ Well, they dominate it militarily and economically through a system that commodifies and exploits everything including people! Although, with the rise of Russia and China and the decline and fall of the ‘Five Eyes’ (those ‘watchers-of-the-world’ – US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand (Anglo-Saxon to the core)) and Western Europe/EU maybe not for much longer. Then, of course, there are consequences of that commodification of the planet – Our Planet – Our Home! Eco-systems are collapsing, the global climate is rebelling and when you add in destructive forces of the largely Anglo-Saxon led and directed war machine acting under the threadbare umbrella of ‘humanitarian intervention’ around the world then none of us should be surprised at the social collapse that goes hand-in-hand with the systemic greed of the few who lead and the many who buy into the system of exploitation.

I can use this as it’s on my cv (apologies to Iron Maiden)

The militaries of this planet are not benign! They are, in every way, the most comprehensively destructive industry imaginable. Don’t take my word for it, go check out the fuel bill alone of the US military. Even a tin-pot little country like the Disunited Kingdom has had its armed forces, permanently on active service interfering around the world, propping up ‘our tyrants’ since 1939!

How many refugees flooding into Europe would there be if NATO, the Anglo-Saxon war machine, stopped its kinetic wars for the resources of weaker countries and the London-New York banking/business clique stopped their economic wars and illegal sanctions? You don’t need me to answer that!

Knowing now what I didn’t know before really pisses me off! Because as an individual there is nothing I can do about it. Collecting up rubbish, recycling plastic or planting more trees won’t have any impact at all. Even collectively we are impotent – millions, yes, millions demonstrated against the war criminal Tony Bliar’s (sic) illegal war on Iraq. Did it make any difference? In Glasgow thousands of activists were kept outside of the COP26 farce whilst the fossil fuel industry had more that 500 lobbyists inside! Are you surprised that it’s going to be ‘business as usual’?

So, what of the future? Good question!

For a start the planet is not dying. But before you raise a collective cheer or sigh of relief you need to know that Mother Nature is evolving and adapting. Very soon much of the planet will be untenable for countless species and in particular the human species.

They Are Coming

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – War; Famine; Pestilence; (actually Conquest but I prefer Pestilence) and Death! Why ‘Pestilence’? Well, just consider this; before the Covid 19 pandemic the US was funding, get this, – ‘gain-of-function’ research on the corona virus at the Wuhan bio-lab in China. What does that mean? It means that so-called responsible people were enhancing the lethality/effectiveness of the wide-ranging corona virus family! It’s a way of waging surreptitious war because if they use weaponised botulism, for example, the target would know and retaliate. By weaponising the common corona (flu family) virus they can undermine or destroy whole countries and their economies with a good chance that they will not be held to account. Yes, there really are people who think like this! There’s plenty of information available about Ft. Detrick in Maryland or Fauci and the National Institute for Health and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

US Army’s Ft Detrick – the most dangerous bio-lab in the world

So, will humanity survive? A few will, most will not. A bit of light relief as you wait for the inevitable can be had by reading the 1989 novel ‘Stark’ by comedian Ben Elton. ‘Stark’ stands for ‘Star Ark’ which brings me on to the antics of the wealthiest robber-baron on the planet, Elon Musk, and his plans to colonise Mars asap. When you’ve helped screw-up this planet why not make a start on the next!

Musk’s Mars City Project

When I started this rant (weeks ago actually) I’d planned to talk about the milk of human kindness that flows from those who have little but share what they have with those who have less. So often what we hear parroted from MSM is cold, heartlessness of the Priti Patels of this world – lack of any humanity or empathy oozes from every word uttered.

Nearly two hundred years ago the predominantly Anglo-Saxons who colonised and now rule the US decided that there was not enough land to be shared with the native population. So it was that the Indian Removal Act was written into ‘law’ and those known as the ‘Five Civilised Tribes’, the Creek, the Chickasaw, Seminole and others, who had lived at peace with their white neighbours for 200 years, were given three years to get out. Under threat from the army, many in chains they were forced out along what became known as the Trail of Tears from their homes in Alabama and Mississippi westwards across the Mississippi River and on to what is now southern Oklahoma – around 600 miles. Bitter cold, starvation, cholera and sheer hopelessness decimated the people. Amongst these tribes were approx 15000 Choctaw. A third of the tribe died en-route. The survivors were destitute, forced out by the threat and the reality of violence – refugees left to fend for themselves and live as best they could in what was then called ‘Indian Territory’ by their Anglo-Saxon persecutors, a country alien to them. But survive they did, as a people and as a nation. Oklahoma is actually a Choctaw word meaning ‘Our People’.

Meanwhile, the Anglo-Saxon English and their Scots allies were busy persecuting and suppressing the Gaels/Celts of Ireland. Between 1845 and 1851 the staple potato crop was devastated by blight. The English occupiers continued to export food and agricultural products as they stood by and watched native Gaels die of starvation and its related diseases.

In 1847, just 17 years after the ‘Trail of Tears’ or ‘The Removal’ as the Choctaw call it, these survivors heard about the plight of the starving Irish. They understood deprivation, violence, hunger and desperation. They felt the pain of the persecuted for other persecuted and they did more than feel – they acted. Despite their own poverty-stricken circumstances they raised $170 (by some estimates approx $5000+ at today’s rates) and sent it to the relief fund. Empathy – the greatest of human virtues. The very opposite of Priti Patel and those of her ilk.

The moralising of the god-fearing, money-worshiping Anglo-Saxon supremacists is best summed up in this gut-churning editorial from the Arkansas Intelligencer newspaper of the time; “What an agreeable reflection it must give to the Christian and the philanthropist to witness this evidence of civilization and Christian spirit existing among our red neighbours. They are repaying the Christian world a consideration for bringing them out from benighted ignorance and heathen barbarism. Not only by contributing a few dollars, but by affording evidence that the labours of the Christian missionary have not been in vain.” Makes you want to puke!

Today there is a memorial in County Cork to this act of humanity and a scholarship has been set up for Choctaw students to study at universities in Ireland. The Choctaw Nation is vibrant and thriving and the Irish stand at the top of the class for their generosity towards the desperate and down-trodden peoples of this benighted planet.

Being human or inhuman is a choice – think about that when you see the next hysterical headline or news report, I know I will.

Alan in Okçular – getting grumpier by the day!

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  1. And if only the kids of the poor who enter the armed services of the evil empire would use their training and weapons against the real tyrants…the ones who keep their parents poor…in their own countries.

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  2. Fantastic read Alan I hope you felt a bit better putting all down in words.
    Your summary says it all. Unfortunately there are too many I humans versus humans.

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  3. Dear Alan, Yes, it’s hard not to feel discouraged, but we did feel heartened by the demonstrations of youth outside of the blah blah blah COP26 in Glasgow. It will be them that will bring any change. But the capitalists have been very smart in figuring out how to enslave our consciousness with their electronic toys – the biggest problem, I think. Take care and best to Janet.

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