Best of Archers

Links to some of the best or most interesting posts from Archers of Okçular over the years:

An amazing journey to a village in the mountains that seems caught in a time-warp:

The wonderful Selcuk period mosque and the Painted Konak/House in the village of Birgi:

A personal ‘dig’ about Yorkshire pedants:

A reminder of what you, our supporters, achieved through the Okcular Book Project:

A wonderful trip from Moscow to Beijing with two divvy bag ladies:

Stop being a total dick and help keep death off the roads:

DIY butchering of wild boars:

The amazing Secuk Forest Mosque at Sivrihisar, a vision from Lord of the Rings:

Zen and composting are strange bed-fellows:

This is a direct follow-on from the last post and a lesson in choosing one’s words carefully:

This serious bit of ‘academic’ research has consistently been the top viewed post on Archers over the years. Due, no doubt, to the smutty minds of those with nothing better to do:

A look at the delightful little town of Elmalı:

‘I’ve got a Slug!’ Shopping in Turkey can be very different:

Afyon town and it’s castle, worth a visit? Absolutely!:

A visit to beautiful Amasra on Turkey’s Black Sea:

Mysterious body-snatchers in Safranbolu, Turkey:

the lovely back streets of Safranbolu:

Iznik is a wanderers delight:

Getting some perspective on having a bit of a carp:

Prefabs – old and not so old. The story of Mehmet and his air conditioner – a bit of a hoot!:

Beautiful Amasya near Turkey’s Black Sea coast:

The amazing site of Hattuşuş, capital of the Hittite Empire:

‘Mister Bird’ the owls of Turkey:

Aezani, the Temple of Zeus and a lost world:

Intriguing indeed!:

Maşallah and Allah korusun, Bayonce and a fly:

The story of Granny Ayse and the exchange of populations between Greece and Turkey:

Camel Wrestling – a photo extravaganza:

The mysteries of Cockney Rhyming Slang explained:

Exploring back roads to wherever they lead:

The truly beautiful Rose of Damascus:

Compost and a pat in the right place:

Wild flowers around Iznik:

Beryl Cook and her glorious bums:

A fabulous reading project from eastern Turkey:

The delights of Çandır near Dalyan and its folk museum:

Another insight in to village life in eastern Turkey – young ladies and their wonderful embroidery:

A visit to the Church of the Holy Cross, Akdemar, Lake Van:

Ishakpasa Palace in the far east of Thurkey:

The wonderful mosaics of Antakya SE Turkey:

The very best of steam radio, Queen and Radio Ga-Ga:

The reason that Greece is in the state it is – a must read:

Amazing marquetry/craftsmanship from the museum in Lucca, Tuscany:

Turkey’s Village Institutes – probably the greatest social engineering project ever:

The amazing life of the Rhino Beetle:

Boza and an amazing botanical garden in the heart of and Istanbul motorway junction:

A visit to the wonderful Rahmi Koc Museum in Istanbul:

Okcular’s beautiful Crown Anemones:

Environmental exploitation and degradation:

The Magical Mystical Tour – discovering a series of enchanting old mosques:

Aliens in the woods:

Sagalassos Rising, the amazing resurrection of an ancient Roman town:

The beautiful wild flowers of Okcular:

Beautiful Ottoman calligraphy:

A visit to Turkey’s world-class Yenice Forest:

A day in the wilds at Girdev Lake:

The Yangtse Incident, Dr Who and a ship’s bell:

Barrel Spiders – your worst nightmare:

Scorpions and ‘Deliverance’ rolled together:

Cricket, crickets and the decline of empire:

Amazing creatures around us:

Help save the world with a wildlife habitat:

Habitat – the sequel:

Encounter and coincidence with John Surman:

The amazing and beautiful Ruby-tailed Wasp:

Life after the death of a workmate:

Amazing view of one of the oldest settlements ever discovered:

Canon camera kit and Tmmy Steele:

Fascinating visit in Konya, Turkey:

Things that go ‘Bump!’:



Algerian Iris and Yorkshire dialect:

Hobbies, Needlepoint and back pain:

Iran Life and the beginning of an amazing trip:

Yazd, Iran:

More Yazd:

Kindness of strangers:

Iran, poets and the powerful:

Iran and the mighty Rayen Citadel:

Choubin village a hidden gem:


Zein-o-din Caravansarai:

Amazing Iranian musician:

Hanging with the Tehran underground:

Delightful Sharud:

Amazing Iranian ceilings:

Iranian surprises – Armenia Orthodox cathedral:

Surprising Iranian tea houses:

DIY exercise machine for a disabled friend:

part 2 of above:

part 3 of above, improving on the damn-near perfect:

Urgent and Important – getting the balance right:

keeping the wicked world at bay:

an amazing find in the Kaçkar Mountains:

Amazing Turkish Horse Archers:

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