A Bit Of ‘One-Downmanship’

J and I had a glorious ramble up and down the mountain that constitutes our ‘back garden’ today. We’ve learned (after 15 years) that the local distribution range of the Armenian Tulip is much larger than the two little pockets we’d previously found. We’ve added yet another species of orchid to Okçular’s tally – it must be thirty or thirty one now! And seen a ‘seldom seen by casual walkers’ species that’s related to the largest flower in the world.

Although this is a salvaged post from Archers of Okcular 31.3.2013 it is relevant because this is the time to see these beauts.

Here’s a few photos of this mornings wanderings, starting with a bit of inverted ‘one-upmanship’ with our friends Mark and Jolee, kindred spirits from Istanbul.

Tulipa armena ssp lycica – Armenian Tulips growing wild in the ‘steppes’ of Okçular
Cytinus ruber – Cytinus, a parasite only on the pink Cistus or Rock Rose; amazing to think it is in the same Rafflesia family as the world’s largest flower
Raffelesia from Indonesia
unknown but very beautiful
Muscari macrocarpum – only all yellow Muscari
Quince blossom

. . and finally – today’s Star Find . .

Dactylorhiza romana – Roman Orchid
Dactylorhiza romana – Roman Orchid – an encore!

Alan in Okçular

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