Mists And Mellow Fruitfulness

J and I love this time of year – the temperature is perfect, it rains, the sun shines, the shades of green and brown are gorgeous as leaves fall and plants of every sort grow – thrusting their way through barren layers of summer and out into the sparkle of spring. The smells of leaf-mould and mushrooms and damp, rich soil – the twittering of ‘garden’ birds and the calls of buzzards and ravens. Everywhere you look and listen and sniff, stuff is happening. There is new energy – from Mother Nature and from us!

Salvaged from my mutilated ‘Archers of Okçular’ blog 28.10.2014 

An old friend has returned after a summer spent gadding about the forest chasing food and the ladies – now he just craves a bit of peace and quiet and his place in the sun . .


. . Owl is home again for the ‘winter’.

J is composting furiously as the pruning mounts up ready for the macerating machine . .




. . and ‘Yes, they really do get that hot!’ I’ve poached eggs in the compost heap before now, if you don’t believe me go here and check it out.

The colours of autumn are a delight to the eye and often it is the smallest of things that make the biggest impression – ‘suns’ glow . .


. . and ‘stars’ twinkle . .


. . and a Common Copper glows in the sun.


There was even time and energy for a bit of ‘reverse lens’ macro photography fun . .


. . staring down a Huntsman Spider

Finally, this being our so-called autumn, here are a couple of aptly-named flowers from this time of year – both are so delicate and beautiful and so worth taking a few moments to pause and enjoy.


Scilla autumnalis – Autumn Squill


Spiranthes spiralis – Autumn Lady’s Tresses


This orchid is such a tiny thing, so easy to miss and yet close up the flowers appear to be made of crystalised sugar . .


With the exception of the red berries, all the machines, creatures (human and non-human) and plants live in and around my garden!

Autumn. It surely is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

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  1. Alan, What a great posting. It really gave that warm feeling of autumns past – composting, returning birds (our mascot is a robin), berries, orchids – lovely. (I suppose you HAD to put in that spider, didn’t ya?) Take care and keep enjoying life.

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