Night Shadow

They are the stuff of myths and legends. Their god is Anubis – or perhaps they are Anubis’ gods! Who knows . .


Creatures of the shadows and dark places. They move like mist sliding, gliding silently over the ground, they are there – and then they are not . .

Anubis, the old Egyptian god of death, the afterlife, mummification and the patron god of lost souls was ‘created’ in their likeness. They are amongst the most ancient of gods. Some 6-8000 years ago they birthed Wepwawet who begat Anubis in 3150 BCE. Those two immortals withered and faded to little more than shadows on the walls of musty burial chambers. Canis aureus however have proved to have everlasting life – they are made of tougher stuff than the gods of old!

A short while ago I told you about a visit from a mysterious ‘guest’ who tried to pinch one of our rubbish bags but was enticed to stay for a few photos by a few crumbs from our table. Last night, as dusk was falling, I spied two adult interlopers near the compost bins. Unfortunately they spotted me and took off. Non-the-less I set up the night camera and below is part of what it captured – a lactating female.

The Golden Jackal – Canis aureus ssp moreoticus weighs in as follows: The largest golden jackal subspecies, animals of both sexes average 120–125 cm (47–49 in) in total length and 10–15 kg (22–33 lb) in body weight. The fur is coarse, and is generally brightly coloured with blackish tones on the back. The thighs, upper legs, ears and forehead are bright-reddish chestnut. This will help as you view by infrared image.

Aren’t we the luckiest of hill-billies! A & J


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  1. Alan, We’ve never met a canis we didn’t like, but your friends are particularly handsome specimens. Keep those photos and videos coming!

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      1. they are – ‘our’ lactating mother was back again last night (26/06) and enjoyed a considerable fish dinner. Looking forward to when she brings her young.


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