A very short (possible) farewell note

This from Bill Purkayastha, someone whose writing and research I greatly admire. Pretty much sums up where I think we are – some will never live to read this.

Nuclear war is radiotherapy for the cancer that is the Imperialist States of Amerikastan.

It is too late for surgery, and the patient can wait no longer. The cancer insists on spreading, and the cells that make up the tumour are indifferent to the fact that they, too, will be destroyed when the body they are intent on killing dies.

There is, therefore, no other option. It is literally kill or cure. The world can wait no longer.

If this is the last post before WWIII, it was nice knowing you.

6 thoughts on “A very short (possible) farewell note

  1. At least in the era of MAD there were people in charge who realised the consequences of impulsive action…this lot of mad oilmen can’t even spell consequences let alone care about them…

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    1. The Russians have now spelt it out very clearly what the consequences of an attack will be a) they will destroy all incoming missiles and b) the launch platforms/sites will be obliterated. When Israel launched an attack a few days ago five of the eight missiles were taken out by the Syrians with much older Russian equipment!

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  2. Alan, The problem is that most of the people in the imperialist countries are already dead! That’s definitely true of America.

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