Beauty Is In The Eye . .

We arrived back up here at the cabin a couple of days ago. There’s always stuff to do but this time of year is special with buds and blossoms bursting out all over the place. Spring is wiggling her toes and stretching.

Of course we are keen to see how the fruit and nut trees are doing; how the onions and garlic has fared through the often sub-zero months of winter. And can you imagine our delight that seven crowns of rhubarb have survived from the seeds we planted last year.

J has been busy planting and hoeing and I had repairs to make to the watering system after the Rock Martens decided to indulge in a bit of guerilla warfare whilst we were away in the low-lands. All-in-all everything has passed muster.

Now, this area is known to the locals as ‘Payamlı’ which is the old name for badem in Turkish or almonds in English. There are only a couple of almond orchards here because the locals all forage the hedgerows which are awash with these beautiful and bountiful trees and now is the time when they are in full blossom.

So, here’s just a couple of reasons why we love being here:

if you had binos you could just make out the cabin from here
wild almond even on the beach
pretty-much everywhere
a forest of wild almond
nuff said!
. . and because nobody else will blow my trumpet, how’s that for a sturdy work bench!

Alan, up in the clouds somewhere.

7 thoughts on “Beauty Is In The Eye . .

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Having been there with you, we know why you love this little plot of land. Your photo essay brought back wonderful memories of Salda Lake. May your veggies and fruit trees bear bountiful harvests.

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  2. Alan. Amazing pictures of your new Palace. What an amazing place. Wish you a great Spring and Summer there this year as most of the work is done. Best as always to you both. Mary

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