Just A Quickie . .

By way of an afterthought to my last bit of waffle, and it being too cold to do more than a couple of hours of meaningful toil outside, I thought I’d bore and disappoint you a bit further. Especially if you too are stuck indoors by the weather or ‘man-flu’ and were feeling in need of some excitement in your life!


The job of taming the rampant hedgerows results in plenty of poles, stakes, peasticks and countless scratches, thorns and bruises! That which remains will be turned into potash for the garden.

The last blurb was all about making you green with envy at these beautiful surroundings. This one is about making you green with envy that your allotment has only got a view of Arthur ‘Two Sheds’ Jackson’s plot. I do encourage you to wander off to the link I’ve offered you to the official ‘Monty Python’ (or ‘Monty Pie-THON‘ as they say in the good old dis-United States of part of North America) script site.

the onions, garlic, broad beans with roses, a lonely little petunia and a view to Ahmet Cakoğlu’s (as we say in Turkish) shed (and they say humour doesn’t cross cultural barriers)

Our fruit trees are in flower or bud and the duck is enjoying the pond so all seems well with our narrow view of the world.



Finally, a photo of the rhubarb we sowed as seeds last year. At this rate it will be worth stowing a couple of packets of Bird’s Custard Powder in the baggage if we ever travel back to the UK for a visit.


Alan, in hibernation in Payamlı.

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  1. Wow! what can I say the weather here is great warm, sunny and blue skies the daffodils are out ever where, tree’s are in blossom and now we have been told April going to be the hottest on record. !!!!!!! Well we’ll just wait and see. !!!!!!! Your plot looks great it’s so neat and tidy and ever think is growing great it’s still lovely there in spite of the cold. Keep enjoying it all.

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    1. Skies have been clear and beautiful, it’s the bitter wind that has driven us to the fireside. Today the wind has dropped and the first daff has opened so back to the hedging and weeding.


    1. here the locals serve them up in two ways; cooked, cold and dressed with garlic yogurt and a drizzle of hot pepper oil and as ‘fava’ pureed with olive oil and garlic. Both delicious but I love them fresh from the pan with a dob of butter. Sorry to hack you off 😀

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